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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Winterization Checklist


Contractor Name:___________________________   Date:___________

Property Address:___________________________________________

Lockbox:___________ Client:____________________________

Complete Winterization:  YES OR NO
Partial Winterization:       YES OR NO

If partial winterization, reason why only a partial winterization was done:  

Identify type of heat system:   Wet ______   Dry________
# of Bottles of Anti freeze used:  Wet heat system _______   Dry heat System________
Was this a Cold Winterization (No heat or utilities left on):  YES OR  NO
Utilities Available: City Water [  ]  Well Water [  ]  Electric [  ] Gas [  ] Oil [  ] Propane [  ]

Water is off at curb:  YES OR NO
[  ] Shut off water at meter shut off valve outside house – if applicable
[  ] Shut off main water shut off valve inside house.
[  ] Installed nylon cable tie to tie off main water valve, and supplied photo.
[  ] Installed padlock on main water valve, and supplied photo
[  ] Disconnected water meter, capped pipes and supplied photo  (if lines cannot be capped, DO NOT disconnect meter)
[  ] Taped the removed water meter to water main
If water meter was not disconnected,
[  ] Disconnected supply line (as close to meter as possible), capped pipes and supplied photo.
[  ] If any alternate water supply setup, disconnected water supply, capped pipes and supplied photo
[  ] Drained all internal/external water supply lines
[  ] Drained hot water heater
[  ] Drained wet heat system
[  ] Drained well holding tank
[  ] Drained all toilet tanks and bowls
[  ] Shut off power to water heater
[  ] Shut off power to heating system
[  ] Pressure tested system.  Pressurized system to 40 - 100 PSI (as appropriate), disconnected compressor and  tested lines to hold pressure for 15 minutes.

System held pressure:   YES OR NO
[  ] Opened all faucets, intermediate valves, including outside hose bibs to the shutdown point.

Put Anti freeze in:
[  ] Toilet tanks and bowls             [  ] Dishwasher drain, cycled washer to insure antifreeze entered pump
[  ] All sink drains                       [  ] Sauna floor drains
[  ] All bathtub/shower drains        [  ] Laundry floor drains
[  ] Basement floor drains

[  ] Taped across all sinks and taped all toilet bowls shut
[  ] Posted Signs:  Posted “Winterized, Do Not Use” signs at main water valve, on all fixtures and at every point where anti- freeze was installed. Posted “Winterized, Do Not Turn on Without Refilling” signs on water heater and boiler and water heater breaker, if electric.   Attached a notice on the exterior of dishwasher if water supply line was disconnected.
[  ] Installed winterization warning sign in a front window
[  ] Opened any sprinkler systems to drain (not including Pressure Purging System)
[  ] Closed all fireplace dampers and closed fire vents
Other items present: Pool [  ]  Sprinkler System [  ] Water Softener [  ] Well system [  ]  Ice Maker [  ]  Swamp Cooler [  ]
Sump pump present:  Yes [  ]  No [  ],  Sump Pump Functional:  Yes [  ] No [  ],

Breaker to sump pump left on:  Yes [  ]  No [  ]

Plumbing or heating damage exists (If system did not hold pressure then yes):  YES OR NO
Please describe any damages to system: _________________________________________________________________

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